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Welcome To Paradise

Paradise, CEO of Thee A.R.T. of Paradise is a native of Jersey City, New Jersey. She has hosted and performed at numerous venues along the interstate highways of New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina. Paradise is a renowned POET/HOST, who has graced many stages from BusBoys & Poets to The Nuyorican Poets Café.

Paradise found her love and passion for poetry amongst fellow poets at “Bogies”, a small venue at the time, in East Orange, New Jersey. She has been writing and reciting poetry for over two decades. It is through the relationship that she has established with God that she has developed a better understanding of her gift(s). Most importantly, that her gift is NOT for her but to inspire, uplift and motivate others. FOR POETRY IS INDEED THERAPY. It is her life purpose to reach, teach, help and enlighten others. To speak life into lifeless situations, to be an advocate and voice for the voiceless and plant seeds of faith and hope for the hopeless.

Erotic Poetry Showcase
CHEM's Poetry Showcase
My Birthday
Church Service
New York
Heaven Sent 5

Crysty " Paradise" Jenkins

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