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Queen Ajee

Shelley Ajee Da Poet Fowler is the author of a book of poetry called The Unprecedented Melodious Words of Ajee Da Poet, a collection of 64 poems that will make you think and see life in a different light. She has also written poetry for three other books called The Necklace, Verses From The Heart, published by Anna Renault. Both are in a compilation with other writers and poets. The proceeds for her poems The History of a Heirloom and Panoramic Orchestrations goes to support the Cancer Foundation in Maryland USA to help cancer patients with non-medical expenses. Shelley will have a few more of her poems in a book with other writers called Unleashed created by Raja Willams. All proceeds for that project go to the Starving Artists Fund, helping unpublished authors from around the world become published. Shelley has written a short story "No Weapons" and a poem called "Cascading Waterfall" for a collaboration book with Author Nicole Humphries and many other writers and authors called A Rose Is Still A Rose. Shelley was involved in a project called WINDOWS founded by Andrea Smith aka The Bionic Butterfly, the creator of ArtColab Grenada in Grenada. A few of her poems called Tunnel Vision, Significance, Summer and a few others will be a part of the show. They will be teamed up with painters who will create paintings around her poetry. Jema Noel will be the painter behind the poem Summer. Shelley was featured as a spoken words artist in the November 2014 issue of Poetic Flows Magazine Inc. Shelley was a host on an internet radio station, by her mentor and CEO King Judah Black Satin Radio entitled “Ajee The Voice '' January 2015, Shelley released her debut novel called "Roses Bloom In The Ghetto".
In 2018-19 Shelley “AjeeDaPoet” Fowler also recorded two CDs, Pomegranate Juice and Hood Jesus.
On May 19, 2021 Shelley “Ajeedapoet”performed at The Last Poets, The Godfather’s of HipHop at their 50th anniversary concert entitled “The Last Shall Be First” at the Universal Hip Hop Museum located in New York City.

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