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In My House Series

Sip & Speak  3.27.21

Sip & Speak 3.27.21

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Thee A.R.T. (Authentic. Real. Talent) of Paradise


 Sip & Speak with Paradise


Sip & Speak with Paradise

is a Virtual Experience

brought to you by the pandemic and traumas of today's world.

As we quarantine

As we sit in our homes

Let us hone in on our gifts, crafts, and skills.

Finding different ways to connect,

reach, teach

uplift, empower, entertain and inspire.

Sip & Speak

is an environment where ARTist can feel comfortable.

It is a virtual platform where ARTist can feel

free and comfortable enough to express themselves

openly and honestly.

Without shame or judgement.

It is a therapeutic space. 

A safe haven 

For ARTist and Guest

to feel...



To exchange creative ideas 

That propel each other in the direction of their


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